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Dental Care for your pets by Dr Spot at Campbelltown North Animal Hospital

Dental hygiene and pet care at Dr Spot and Campbelltown North Animal HospitalDental hygiene is an extremely important element of pet care, and yet it is often the most forgotten or neglected component to looking after our pets at home.

There are many things you can do to help keep your dog or cat’s pearly whites and gums healthy.

Dental diets, chews and daily brushing can all go a long way to preventing dental disease later on in life. Feel free to chat to one of our friendly nurses – they can assist you in selecting a daily routine that best suits you and your pet’s needs.

Dental disease can be painful and requires veterinary attention. If you feel your pet may be suffering, has gone off his/her food or has smelly breath, then please call to make an appointment for a dental exam today. Teeth and gums affected by advanced periodiontal disease can harbour large numbers of bacteria which can be carried in the blood to other organs in the body.

Dental disease can be painful and requires veterinary attentionA visit to the clinic will enable the vet to perform an oral exam on your pet. The vet can then discuss possible procedures that may be indicated for the benefit of your pets oral health. These procedures may include a scale and polish or in some cases extractions, all of which can help alleviate pain and infection.