Welcome to Campbelltown North Animal Hospital

Welcome to Campbelltown North Animal Hospital (aka Dr Spot). An AVA accredited hospital, benefiting the lives of much loved pets in the Macarthur district since 1994. Our family of vets and nurses are here to look after your furry friend in the best way we possibly can – offering helpful advice and a superior standard of pet care and veterinary services.

Dr Geoff Falkenmire (the original ‘Dr Spot’) opened his spotty doors to the animals in need early June 1994. Commencing as a small practice, Dr Spots soon grew into the large family of animal-loving vets and nurses that it is today.

Dr Spots Health Club

Any microchipped pet who is up to date with vaccinations administered by Campbelltown North Animal Hospital automatically becomes an Honorary DR SPOT’S Health Club member.

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