So you’ve just purchased the bowls, the scratching posts, the litter trays…

But now you’re stuck???

What will you feed her? When should he be vaccinated? Why are there wriggly things in her poo?

Look no further than Dr Spots Kitten Care Checklist!


  • 1st- 6-8 weeks of age
  • 2nd- 10-12 weeks of age
  • 3rd- 14-16weeks of age, then every year thereafter.

Your kitten will get a complete check over when it comes in for a vaccination. Feel free to ask any questions or clear up any concerns you may have during your appointment.


Worm your kitten with an intestinal all-wormer every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Then every month until 6 months of age then every 3 months for life (products available include Drontal All-Wormer or Milbemax)


Kittens need the best start in life to grow into strong, healthy companions. For the best start offer your feline friend a complete and balanced diet in a dry form. Dry kibble formulations are perfect to maintain healthy teeth compared to canned food. Kittens should be kept on a Kitten Food until 12 months of age. Then they can be maintained on an adult formula.


We recommend desexing at 5 months of age. This is prior to the onset of reproductive age in cats.