Pre-Operative Instructions At Campbelltown North Animal Hospital


It is important that your pet arrives at the hospital for his or her anaesthetic & surgery with an empty stomach. No food is to be given from 10pm the night before surgery. Please ensure your pet does not have access to any other food, including food left out for other pets in the house.

Access to water should however be available, just ensure your pet does not have a huge drink just prior to leaving for the clinic.

**Fasting does not apply to rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets or other small mammals or birds**


If your pet is on any medication please consult with the veterinarian prior to the surgery date to confirm if any changes are needed.


For your pets’ own benefit we require that they be up to date with their annual vaccination prior to admission. If this is not possible, we will request that any animal being admitted to hospital have their vaccinations updated at the time of admission, or a surcharge may apply.


Admission time is between 8am & 9am on the morning of surgery. Please allow 10-15 minutes for the admission procedure as this allows us to discuss any questions or concerns with you before leaving your pet with us. Our nurses will enquire about previous anaesthetics, any drug reactions and discuss the option of pre-anaesthetic blood tests and intra-venous fluid therapy. We also need to confirm contact details with you as it is very important that you are contactable at all times during your pet’s stay.

For the safety and comfort of your pet we request that all dogs be brought to the clinic on a lead, and all cats in a comfortable carry cage.