Carry Cage Hire

Carry Cage Hire For Your Cats At Campbelltown North Animal Hospital


For the safety of all our patients we do recommend that all dogs be brought into the clinic on a lead, and all cats be carried in a carry cage. It is also a legal requirement that your pet be restrained while travelling in your car.

  • Has one of your friends borrowed your pets cage?
  • Has your kitten out-grown its carrier?
  • Or are you yet to purchase one of your own?

No need to worry!

Our Nurses at Dr Spot are happy to offer secure and comfy hire cages to keep your furry pal safe and sound while travelling to and from the clinic. As long as the cage is returned on the same day, the full amount of the deposit left for hire is returned back to you. Easy as that!

Just call one of our Nurses at Dr Spot on 02 4628 5055 on the day of your pet’s appointment and they can organise it for you.