House Calls

House Calls By Dr Spot – Campbelltown North Animal Hospital


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to provide house visit services until further notice. 

Sorry for any inconvenience! 



Spot Mobile for home visits resizedDoes your cat meow like a siren whilst being transported in the car? Does your dog drool from anxiety & scratch at the windows?

If your pet gets too anxious travelling to the vet clinic or is just too sick or painful to move, our friendly Vets and Nurses can come to you in our dedicated BOW WOW AMBO!

There are many instances where getting your pet to the clinic is just too difficult, particularly if he or she is seriously unwell or in a lot of pain. There may also be an occasion where the time has come to say goodbye to your cherished friend & you prefer to be in the comfort & familiarity of your own home.

One of our experienced & capable Veterinarians can be available for you at a pre-arranged appointment time during non-consulting hours (12-3pm). This visit could allow for a home euthanasia if that difficult decision has been made, or to perform a physical exam & initial assessment for a sick or injured animal. As only simple examination techniques can be performed at your house, if your pet requires more detailed evaluation & diagnostics the Vet can then transport your pet back to the hospital for further treatment if necessary.

Our Nurses are also able to transport your furry friend to the hospital for their surgery booking or for a Vet check if you cannot transport your pet yourself.

Just give our clinic a call & one of our friendly staff will be able to help meet your house call & pet transport needs.