Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School At Campbelltown North Animal Hospital

  • Where: Campbelltown North Animal Hospital.
  • When: Monday evenings between 8pm – 9pm.
  • Cost: $120 for a 4 week course.


  • Puppies need to have had at least one vaccination and please bring the certificate.
  • Puppies need to be between 6 -16 weeks of age on the first class.
  • Bring a lead and collar. (No choker collar).
  • Bring your puppy’s favourite treats.
  • Payment is to be made to the trainers on the first night.


  • To socialise the pup, playtime.
  • Basic obedience training.
  • Guidance with behaviour such as biting, chewing.
  • Commands- simple fun useful tasks e.g. sit, stay, come.

Course payment is required on the first class by cash only.


Please call us on 02 46285055 to enroll your puppy in the next available class.