The Vets

Dr Geoff Falkenmire BVSc, B Rur Sc

Geoff is the original “Dr Spot” and had a vision that Dr Spots would be an Animal Hospital that pets & their carers loved to come to. He achieves this by striving to give the best of care in a fun, friendly atmosphere. As “The Boss” he has fostered the ongoing training & development of the Vet & Nurse team (even the smallest room in the Hospital is a site of education & inspiration!).
However, Geoff would be the first to admit he has benefited the most from all the fresh ideas the others have brought with them, keeping him abreast with the latest developments in Veterinary Medicine. He has, however, been steadfast in his emphasis on compassionate care of his patients and attention to detail. He has many interests including aviation (anything about this subject will surely get him excited!) and the cold parts of the world such as the Antarctic and the Arctic.

Dr Jessica Chan BVSc (Hons)

Our youngest vet, Jess comes to us with lots of fresh ideas after graduating at Sydney University in November 2010, with 1st class honours, making her a vital part of the team.
She has recently completed a distance education course in internal medicine & thoroughly enjoys all the pleasures of her working life as a veterinarian.
She also enjoys singing and dancing (but doesn’t think she’s any good at either). Her other passion is baking, something the rest of the Dr Spot team reaps the benefits of.

Dr Rebecca Obereigner BVSc (Hons)

Rebecca has been an enthusiastic & vivacious member of the Dr Spots team since graduating with honours in 1997. In that time she has enjoyed an extended working holiday in the UK & four (yes 4!!) maternity breaks! Each break sees Rebecca return to her veterinary calling with even more excitement & passion, something the rest of the team reaps the benefits of!
Rebecca is passionate about her career as a vet & particularly loves emergency & surgical cases.
Rebecca has taken in quite a few homeless pets in her time at Dr Spots. She loves her busy life on her farm retreat with her husband, daughter, three sons and her chickens, sheep, dogs and cats.

Dr Karen Keeper BVSc (Hons)

Karen joined us in 2012 after having spent her first 4 veterinary years in a mixed animal practice in Northern NSW. Karen loves being a vet & has a passion for veterinary medicine and pets with behaviour problems.
Her ultimate aim is to sit her memberships in Small Animal Behavioural Medicine, and develop a system for prevention and treatment of behavioural problems in dogs and cats to reduce levels of rehoming and destruction of young healthy animals.
Her interests include camping, hiking, cooking, playing hockey & reading crime novels (not all at one time!!)
Karen is currently on maternity leave …….watch this space!!!.

Dr Victoria Garibotto BVSc (Hons) MSc

Victoria started with us as a nurse while studying Vet Science at Sydney University. Now with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry, a Master of Science (Biotechnology), and Bachelor of Veterinary Science (with 1st class honours), she is an extremely valuable member of our team.
She enjoys general surgery, skin disorders and has a weak spot for all of our Labrador patients. Her own 3 Labradors, Chaniqua, Max and Malibu keep her busy in her spare time. She also enjoys hiking, renovating her house and cooking – our cravings for baked goods are always cured with Victoria around!

Dr Eunice Suen BVSc

Eunice is the newest member of our veterinary team. She is filling in for Karen who is on maternity leave. Eunice brings a wealth of experience & a happy smile; and is looking forward to meeting all our wonderful clients & patients.

The Nurses

Nurse Amanda

Amanda joined our team in 2008 and completed her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in 2010 with distinctions. She is our very valued “Senior Vet Nurse” and the hospital would not run as efficiently or happily without her quiet, competent skills and organisation. Amanda enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing but particularly loves assisting as theatre nurse in interesting surgical cases, and jumps at every opportunity to assist in whelpings and ceasarians. Amanda’s house is home to an extra-large family of cats & dogs. Her own fluffy treasures include Hudson a handsome boxer and her two Chihuahuas, Sierra and Tequila, who are both named after her favourite drink!!

Nurse Megan

Megan joined the Dr Spot team in 2012 after completing her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2011, having also completed work experience at the Adelaide Zoo. She has great intuition when it comes to animal care, and has a boundless love for all things furry or feathered.
Megan has a fun-loving and sweet greyhound “Elway,” a loving but often demanding domestic shorthair “Tibby” and playful and mischievous Russian Blue “Bleu”. She also has a cheeky but sweet cockatiel named Tweety, a loud & chatty Alexandrine Parakeet named Tarzan, and a shy Eclectus parrot named Rosie.

Nurse Melissa

Melissa joined us in early 2012 while studying her Veterinary Nursing course. She completed her certificate IV with distinctions in Veterinary Nursing in 2013. She is dedicated to learning all the skills needed to become a qualified & knowledgeable Veterinary Nurse.
Melissa loves computer gaming, sketching and loves caring for her dog Jordie (lab x).
She is our Facebook guru….posting updates, Marvins photos and interesting patient stories regularly.
She is a talented artist and has painted many of the animal images you can see around the clinic and boarding facility.

Nurse Kim

Kim, originally a full time nurse at Dr Spots, has returned as a part time member of the team after 2 maternity breaks.
Kim has completed her certificate IV in nursing, & thoroughly enjoys being able to combine her passion of vet nursing with her busy family life.
She has a rabbit, which happens to be her favourite breed.

Nurse Alicia

Alicia has been at Dr Spots since 2004. She originally graduated with a Bachelor of Animal Science and left us to complete a PhD in wildlife management. However, with a slight career change she has joined us again and is currently studying to be a vet at Sydney university.
She has always loved having a large family of pets around her and is owned by her 4 dogs (Cambria, Beau, Kado and Sassy) and 2 lovely Persian cats (Zac and Bailey). In her spare time she enjoys competing at dog shows around the east coast with her 2 White Swiss Shepard dogs.

Nurse Tegan

The energetic and always-cheeky Tegan joined us in late 2016, having completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing through Bankstown TAFE. She has a keen interest in animal welfare, and takes pride in making sure all of our patients are comfortable and happy during their visit.
Tegan has a beloved Jack Russell X called Rubi, and a handsome Snowshoe cat by the name of Oscar.
She loves dancing, watching episodes of Scrubs, and house sitting, especially when pets need to be looked after as well.

Nurse Madison

Madison joined the Dr Spot Team in 2017 whilst completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She enjoys all aspects of nursing and finds to be a very rewarding and fulfilling job role.
Madison owns two green cheek Conures named Artie (who she hand raised) and Chewie (who she rescued). She is also working towards getting into animal fostering.
Madison enjoys painting, music, makeup and food. She hopes to further her studies in animal care in the near future.

Nurse Amanda P

Amanda started working with us in February 2018, after completing her Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing in Victoria.
She likes assisting in surgeries and treatments as well as having a friendly chat to our clients. Amanda loves all animals great and small and finds the joy in seeing a beloved pet walk out of Dr Spots vet clinic feeling happy and healthy.
At home Amanda has a feathered baby named Teddy. He is a cheeky Quaker Parrot that she hand raised herself. She is also a marine enthusiast and keeps salt water fish and corals. On the weekend she enjoys scuba diving and Martial Arts.